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Our History

In July 2000, Rance Fladeland (the founder of Hidden Hideaways, LLC) took his first exploration hiking Alaska’s rain forest, mountain biking from British Columbia, trekking the crevasses of Mendenhall Glacier, sea kayaking the Tatoosh Islands, cruising the Inside Passage and exploring unique small businesses that were unlike any other. Over the next decade he found a passion for unique and different places and in 2010 bought a newly constructed log cabin located in a remote and secluded area at the base of the Mogollon Rim outside Payson, Arizona, USA. Over the next 3 years Rance worked diligently to upgrade and complete the cabin with a luxurious modern rustic feel. 

In 2014 he accepted his first guests and the response that followed was tremendous. He quickly found others who had a desire to experience the seclusion and benefits this remote property provided and he felt compelled to offer others the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful area while building wonderful life long memories themselves. The realization that guests sought out this beautiful remote hideaway to get away from city life and truly connect with friends and family was apparent immediately. This unique property offered something different and special for guests and those looking to discover many of the wonderful things the world has to offer outside the city and to truly live as if it was a place of their own. 

After hundreds of hours of research, phone calls, emails, meetings, planning, development, and with the help of resourceful web designers, artists, marketing experts and web developers, the idea of Hidden Hideaways, LLC took shape and the company was founded. The business evolved out of the desire to provide complete satisfaction to guests while helping small unique businesses and vacation rental owners increase their exposure and help build upon the unique opportunities that has made Hidden Hideaways, LLC a success. The idea was well received by many and the business took shape to become a unique business like no other.

Today, Hidden Hideaways, LLC's mission has progressed to Marketing and Promoting Spectacular Hideaways in the Heart of Seclusion and providing unique vacation rental properties and businesses worldwide the ability to expand their business potential at minimal cost. By strategically marketing and promoting these hidden gems and utilizing a worldwide network of guests, businesses, clients, customers and resources to help promote these unique establishments, we hope to help fulfill the experience guests, owners and businesses are seeking by increasing their overall satisfaction while also helping local economies and providing guests a better understandings of what the world has to offer. 

Rance believes that many of the best places in the world are places yet to be discovered. New places to explore, new ways of life, diverse cultures and places that give new outlooks. Places that are unique, remote and secluded or hidden in plain sight, but have yet to be experienced. Places to escape from the daily routine, to experience the adventures you've always dreamt about or never knew existed, or a place to just relax uninterrupted and reflect on all the blessings that you've been given. We hope you choose to explore and live these moments with us!


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What Others Think

Awarded the 2015 and 2016 "Best of Gilbert Internet Marketing Service" by the Gilbert Awards Program, Hidden Hideaways, LLC has been honored and recognized by showing the ability to utilize best practices and have implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value. Various sources of information are gathered and analyzed to choose each year’s winner. The award program focuses on quality, not quantity, and awards this honorable mention to companies that have achieved exceptional marketing success. "Hidden Hideaways, LLC’s unique strategies in marketing, advertising and promotion was found to optimize their clients success and although their excellent record of service and stunning custom web page designs are impressive, we believe it's their unique style of marketing that truly sets them above and has proven successful for vacation rental owners and small businesses alike". See the full press release here.